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The Barbers Edge

The Barber’s Edge is a relatively new business in Beverly. I guess the best way to describe this place would be so that it’s like the all-star game of barber shops. Many great barbers I grew up visiting on the north shore somehow have all found their home under Master Barber Horell. From the second… Read more »

Virtual Cat Keyboard

My son has a Cat Keyboard I got for him a few years ago that meows in different keys. I thought it was so much fun that I added a output for the audio. I then recorded all the notes in the computer and created a simple application to play them back. I used AS3… Read more »

Coach Grossman Logo

The head coach at Redline Fight Sports in Cambridge asked me to design him a simple logo that he could have printed on fighter’s walk-out shirts that are sold at various events throughout New England and sometimes even further. He needed a simple monochromatic vector graphic the he could forward to designers so I created… Read more »

Miss LBO Logo

This local musician had more than a good idea of what she wanted. I was handed a logo hand crafted in color pencil. I took her logo and created a clean version based of her artwork. This version of her logo was used a different events that she performed in north east Massachusetts