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a place for my projects that would fall under the description of a “hack”

Motion Activated Fallout 4 Themed Warning Sign.

So I love where I live but one unfortunate drawback is that we do have an unusual crime rate in this area of town. If you don’t secure you belongings here they will get stolen. So to help combat this I installed a DIY home security system in our apartment. As a friendly deterrent I… Read more »

Integrating a car back-up camera into a DVR security system

   So running servers out of your place of living has more than a few advantages. Updating databases and uploading large files takes a fraction of the time and you have total control of how everything works in the process of creating and deploying things like websites and mobile applications. One of the downsides to… Read more »

Metal Detection Bot

I am putting together a robot (almost like an off road roomba) from things I found in the garbage, flee markets finds and yard sales. My budget is limited but I haven’t let that stopped from creating things. Currently I’m working on a robot that plots where it finds metal in the ground by use… Read more »