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On the hunt for a job

I am on the hunt for a job as a UI/ UX designer and or developer. I have been redesigning my portfolio in between work, taking care of my son and gearing up to get my full stack certification as well as getting my AWS certification. I still have to add an RSS feed to… Read more »

Where have I been?

So I had an unfortunate accident about a month ago. While helping my mom with her lawn a garden-hose got snagged on the front wheel of the lawnmower I was pushing across the yard. I let go of the handle to walk around and unhook the hose and when I did the lawn mower flung… Read more »

Absolute Madness

Over the weekend I decided to migrate my servers to a secure location with a much more reliable and stable power source. It went smoother than I thought in a lot of aspects and very slow in others. My portfolio had all sorts of issues that took me a day to troubleshoot but now we’re… Read more »

Living Resume Prototyping

So I haven’t done much with my portfolio. I had to get my servers running, gather up all my past work (that’s not incredibly out-dated) and hammer out some issues with my ISP before I could start with creating an impressive theme for my website. Now that everything is running and working correctly I’m slowly… Read more »

Running Servers at home

So this is my home lab. I host a number of my websites on these servers including the one you’re on right now. After years of storing many of my websites on paid hosting sites I decided to venture out and start hosting websites myself. Although running servers out of your home defiantly poses many… Read more »