On the hunt for a job

I am on the hunt for a job as a UI/ UX designer and or developer. I have been redesigning my portfolio in between work, taking care of my son and gearing up to get my full stack certification as well as getting my AWS certification.

I still have to add an RSS feed to the mobile version of the website as well as re-render the images to optimize load times. I’m also working on integrating some API’s from Instagram to make the widget area in the mobile version of the site a little more dynamic. For now though I feel it’s at least functioning enough that I am comfortable applying for some jobs in the meantime. If you have any suggestions about my website feel free to contact me. I will be setting up some usability surveys soon to gather data on improving my site. I wish I had more time to dedicate to this profession and I hoping that I can make it a full time job soon instead freelancing when I can. Thanks and I hope one of you will be employing me soon.