Integrating a car back-up camera into a DVR security system

   So running servers out of your place of living has more than a few advantages. Updating databases and uploading large files takes a fraction of the time and you have total control of how everything works in the process of creating and deploying things like websites and mobile applications.
One of the downsides to running your own servers at home is the fact that your computers aren’t as physically secure as they would be in a fancy office in an industrial park somewhere. To help secure my investment I went through the trouble last year of installing a security system. I’ve been very happy with the system I purchased but the one thing I didn’t like was the fact I wasn’t allowed to place a camera at the front entry way.
My front door had a peephole that was broken and after ordering a new one I decided to take it apart and try integrating a backup camera system for a car my ex-girlfriend 😥 gave me. She was going junk it but figured I could take it apart and do something with it, she wasn’t wrong.

   The camera itself was a perfect fit to replace the peep hole on the doorknocker I ordered on amazon. After running the camera into the existing DVR system I hooked the monitor to split off the camera. This allows people to see who’s at the entry ways off the house without ever getting up. (Something that has proven useful while I was stuck around the house healing up). Here is a simple diagram of how I wired it all up.

The links below are to the exact models I used for the backup camera system and doorknocker. This a very simple hack and if you spend the few extra bucks on proper wiring you won’t have to tape or solder a single wire. LoL I did not have the money.