Where have I been?

So I had an unfortunate accident about a month ago. While helping my mom with her lawn a garden-hose got snagged on the front wheel of the lawnmower I was pushing across the yard. I let go of the handle to walk around and unhook the hose and when I did the lawn mower flung towards me and over my foot. Long story short goodbye half of my big toe. Although it defiantly hurt something fierce and slowed me down for a few weeks I’m almost back to my normal self to include throwing up all kicks and skateboarding with my son. He loves comic-books so I created this simple comic-strip poking fun at how I lost my toe.
This week I finally got my servers back home, up and running. While I was at it I finally finished with hacking an old back up camera system into my security system at home. You can check the link here if you’re interested. I really enjoy the convenience of being able to see who’s at the door. It’s proved helpful while I’ve been stuck around the house healing up. I can even monitor everything on my phone while I’m out of the house.
I’ve got more than a few projects in the midst of being announced this week so keep an eye on my blog.