Absolute Madness

Over the weekend I decided to migrate my servers to a secure location with a much more reliable and stable power source. It went smoother than I thought in a lot of aspects and very slow in others. My portfolio had all sorts of issues that took me a day to troubleshoot but now we’re back up and running.

I have a lot of exciting updates to post once I finish configuring a few more things and send out a couple more resumes. I have a video game that I am attempting to assemble a small team of people to help me create. A website with a crowd funding page will soon be up. Are you excited? Probably not, but assure you if you are a proper geek you should be.
Progress this week was slowing moving with many setbacks but I’m a firm believer that all good stories in life are riddle with obstacles to over-come. I will find myself gainfully employed soon. With a job that can provide a better life for my son and I.