The Barbers Edge

The Barber’s Edge is a relatively new business in Beverly. I guess the best way to describe this place would be so that it’s like the all-star game of barber shops. Many great barbers I grew up visiting on the north shore somehow have all found their home under Master Barber Horell.

From the second you walk in the door you can sense that you’re in unique place to get a haircut. The staff is very professional and the place is home to more luxuries then you could possibly imagine. TV’s at every chair, a comfortable lounge area with beverages and a play area for children. Out of all my visits I’ve never seen the place anything but spotless.

I knew when I took on this project that I wanted to create a website that would be synonymous with the barber’s edge outstanding service and reputation.

Our result is a high function WordPress site with a custom theme tailored to the shops specific needs. Search engine optimization and social media integration played key roles in making this website a success. I have been very pleased with the web traffic statics I’ve gathered on this website since it was deployed.

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